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What’s Stopping Your Next Home Improvement Project?

Whether you love or loathe home improvement projects, all but the simplest repair jobs start with clearing out the space to be redone and distributing its contents all over the rest of your home.

Homeowners report that the resulting mess and clutter is one of the biggest reasons for abandoning or avoiding big DIY jobs. Loft conversions, re-plastering, remodelling, adding another bathroom or even an extension… all of these require new temporary homes for furniture and contents.  And sometimes, there simply isn’t enough space!

That’s where we come in. Improving your home doesn’t mean you have to stumble over boxes or furniture for weeks at a time. Not if you rent a storage unit from us for a few weeks and use it to keep your belongings safely out of the way of dust, plaster and paint.

Packing your belongings for storage isn’t any more complicated than boxing up the contents of your wardrobes, chests and shelves, so they can be stored in the shed or garage. You can get good quality boxes and bubble wrap from us or pick up spare cardboard at your local supermarket. Just make sure it’s sturdy enough to take your belongings safely.

Bringing your items to us and storing them in one of our units doesn’t need to be a huge production either. We’re in the centre of Banbury and you can drive right up to your unit and unload your possessions.

And if you suddenly need something you’ve stored with us? That’s definitely not an issue. You have the key to your storage unit and you can access it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We offer flexible storage, both in terms of space and rental time. You want your home improvement project completed as quickly as possible, but if it takes a little while longer, you won’t find your belongings on the street! Whether you need to store bedroom furniture for two weeks or the contents of your loft for three months, we can help.

Now, wouldn’t that make your DIY project much less daunting?

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