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Thinking of a Loft Conversion?

When you need more living space, but don’t want to move, many homeowners start to think about a loft conversion. There’s definite merit to an extra bedroom, maybe with en-suite bathroom, a den or playroom, or even a dedicated study space.

But then reality hits. And not the one that can be solved by commissioning a builder and having plans drawn up. For many homeowners, their loft or any attic space is a prime storage area for anything from old toys and clothes the children have outgrown to Christmas decorations, suitcases, and even unused furniture.

Converting the loft into a living space means having to find a new place for all these items…. and sometimes that seems just too much of a challenge.

That’s where we at Fort Locks can help you out. We have room for all your unused clothes, rarely used items, old record and postcard collections, and even the Christmas decorations.

Rent a storage unit while you are having a new living space added to your home. Move your items back when you’ve allocated a new space for them, or simply leave them with us until your children have grown up and are shopping for baby clothes, books and toys themselves.

Our rental terms are as flexible as our storage spaces. You can drive right up to your unit twenty-four hours, seven days a week, so even if you find you need an item, it won’t be a problem to retrieve it. We have boxes and bubble wrap on hand should you need it, and we’re always ready to help out or answer any questions.

Thinking of a loft conversion?

At the moment we have some humdinger dazzling deals  – for example, you can get up to 3 months free storage which could save you over £900! You can start storing for as little as £7.16 per week, so why not get in touch with us about storing the existing contents of your loft right now on 01295 277 477…

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