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Tarmac – for really smooth self storage!


Tarmac to make Fort Locks Self Storage smoother

Fort Locks is being tarmaced!

Really exciting news! We have long wanted to tarmac the site at Fort Locks and finally we’re taking the plunge – work starts on Monday 23rd and will last for 5 days. There may be some disruption and a little inconvenience to customers visiting the site during the week, but we are employing the services of a reputable contractor – M T Stevens  – who has promised that they will work around our customers to cause as little disruption as possible. We expect that the end result will make Fort Locks much smarter and a more pleasurable place to visit.  For those in Level One (upstairs) storage units needing to access their Storage Units via the mobile stairs, the stairs should become a whole lot easier to manoeuvre around the site.

Road works at Fort Locks Self Storage in Banbury

Apologies to our customers for any inconvenience

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