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Storage Tips for Businesses: Now What to Do with It?

Is there such a thing as “legitimate” clutter? We think so. You can be excellent a tidying up, at recycling items you don’t need, and at giving everything its own space – and still find yourself at odds with boxes and loose items.

And not just at home.

Many business owners face the same problem. Their workspaces may be meticulously organised, but they’ll struggle to find room for Christmas decorations, exhibition stands, catalogues, stationery, tools, marketing flyers or packaging materials. Many such items are cheaper when bought in bulk, but that only makes your storage woes much worse.

In the long run, when there’s no chance of moving to a bigger office or shopfront, but also no room for an extra desk or a wider range of stock, storage troubles may even stop you from growing your business.

Well… step this way, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been helping business owners with their storage troubles for years.

Our storage spaces come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose as much or as little extra storage as you need.

We’re in the centre of Banbury, easily accessible, and open for customers 24/7 – so anything you store with us is available to you when you need it. Whether that’s an extra Christmas tree and box of lights, that set of screwdrivers you thought you’d never need, or another box of flyers since your business is booming.

Storing items with us is as easy as driving up to your storage unit and unlocking the door. And our rates are very competitive.

So, wave clutter goodbye, stop looking around for larger premises and get the most use out of the premises you already have and love. With a little help from Fort Locks!

At the moment we have some humdinger dazzling deals – for example, you can get up to 3 months free storage which could save you over £900! You can start storing for as little as £7.16 per week, so why not get in touch with us now on 01295 277 477…

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