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Smart Phones, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, iPads. Who needs them? Well, increasing numbers of us are now checking for stuff not just on line, but on the go as well….not through that rather quaint old fashioned concept of a desktop PC or even a  laptop, but using our “Mobile Devices” (what we used to call a telephone?). So Fort Locks Self Storage has this morning made its website truly Mobile compatible! 

Now when you access from a mobile, you’ll get a simplex version of the website which is designed to be easy to access, see and browse on any mobile device and contains just the key essentials which you might need if you’re not actually sitting at, um…. a desk. So if you’re looking for self-storage while you’re on the move, you can call us (automatically – no punching in numbers!) , request a call back, book your self-storage unit, have a look at our self storage picture gallery, meet the team and tell all your friends about Fort Locks Self Storage…all from wherever it is you are! Remember Yellow Pages anyone?

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