Renting a Storage Unit.

No faffing around, we tell it like it really is:

‘Stuff’ can be overwhelming. But, with a little determination, you can get on top of it! Really, there are only three kinds of stuff to think about:

  1. Stuff you use all the time and need easy access to: (keep it at home)
  2. Stuff you don’t need and should throw away: (take it to the tip/charity shop/sell it)
  3. Stuff you don’t use a lot but need to keep because it’s valuable (e.g. ski or other sports equipment, seasonal clothing, garden furniture, books) or it has real sentimental value (stuff you’re keeping for next generation)…(but it’s really getting in your way)

So ask yourself:

  • Are you pushed for space?
  • Using the spare bedroom for your Home office or for storage?
  • Boxes all over the house and the attic is bursting?
  • Need more space – the new baby is on its way?
  • You want to reclaim the garage – so you can use it as – guess what? – a garage?
  • You are building a new extension for more space but just need a stop gap?
  • Need the extra space and time for a really big de-clutter?

If any of the above apply to you, why not get in touch or pop in and see us for a quick cup of coffee and a friendly chat. We’ll find the best solution for you…

If you haven’t used Self Storage before, it’s really simple and practical;

Once you have signed up and have your Licence Agreement you’re ready to ‘move in’ and start using your Storage Unit.

  •  Door to Door – When you rent a storage unit at Fort Locks Self Storage you will be able to drive up close to the double doors of the storage unit and load your goods directly from your car or van into the storage unit.
  • Security – You then padlock the storage unit with your own padlock. We sell secure disc padlocks and our storage units are fitted with lock boxes for even greater security.
  • Your Key Only – You are the only key holder to the storage unit which is completely private to you.
  • No Hidden Costs – You can access the unit as often as you wish for no additional charge.
  • 24/7 – Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please enquire for details.