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Shouting about Self Storage in Banbury from the roof tops! (and on Google!)

At Fort Locks Self Storage, as with many businesses, our success is dependent on people being able to find us, both in Banbury town centre, and on line. So some news just in from the Self Storage Association UK is both welcome and worrying. We’ve just had the first sneak preview of a Yougov  Survey commissioned by the SSAUK for the Self Storage industry.

Two stand out facts leap off the page.

First: 62% of the public across the UK have either never heard of self storage at all (23%) or may have heard of it, but only vaguely (39%) and don’t really understand what we have to offer! 47% of respondents could not name a single self storage brand. 

Okay, granted, that’s a few facts. But the basic point is this: There’s a good chance that you don’t know very much about Self Storage.

Whoa! That’s really worrying. Of course, we do as much as we can to get people to hear about us, from advertising self storage on Banbury Sound , in the Banbury Guardian, and with Google adwords, as well as maintaining an exciting and useful website at . We also attend local Banbury events, we’re involved with the Banbury Chamber of Commerce and support the newly formed  Banbury Canal Partnership. On fair weather days we also fly a blimp over Banbury (he’s known as Bertie the Blimp) to help people find us. So it always worries me when a customer wanders into our yard, and says “Oh, I didn’t know you were here!”  RIGHT, as of now, I am officially inviting everyone in Banbury, Brackley and Bicester for a FREE coffee at Fort Locks Self Storage! Come and meet us! Have a chat! Get to see what we do and check out all our fabulous FREE STORAGE offers! Just to be sure you don’t get lost, go to this page so you can find us.

And here’s the second self storage fact from the survey: Of all those lovely people looking for self storage, 67% of people said they would look for a self storage business online, with 25% contacting a local business that they know of.  Whew! That’s us. Happy days! Our web site is the bees knees (even if we say so ourselves). It even has the latest gizmo so that you chat with us on line. We regularly rank near the top of Page One in the Google search engine rankings and work hard to make sure that we can easily be found, on for example, Google Places.

And Fort Locks Self Storage is that local company. So, here we are, in Banbury, we’re friendly, efficient, professional…and should be easy to find! Come on down for that coffee! We’ll tell you all you need to know about self storage!

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