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Self-Storage for Growing Families

Growing families take up a lot of space and for most families the equipment filling the store cupboards isn’t needed on a daily basis. Often prams, cots, toys and college work are kept ‘just in case’, cluttering up your home. Self storage provides a perfect solution for those extra items which you want to keep for the future but don’t need everyday – “un piece en plus”, as the French say – an extra room!

Baby Equipment

Babies require a lot of equipment and furniture, and this can be very expensive, so why throw it all away? You may be looking to have more children in the future – which will mean spending more money. Items such as the cot, car seat, rocker, pram and baby toys can be boxed up kept in storage until needed again, saving you a great deal of money. Keeping such items will never go amiss since relatives – or indeed your own children – will be glad of these useful items when it comes to their turn.


Electrical equipment takes up a lot of space. Items such as DIY tools, BBQ’s, and pressure washers, can be kept in self-storage until needed. If you’re worried about the safety of your items, don’t worry – Fort Locks Self Storage has self- contained Storage Units which are secure and dry. You will be the sole key holder to your unit plus there is CCTV in operation. In fact we firnly belive that our product is the best in Banbury – because each unit is self-contained, you can rest assured that there can be no damage from fire, water or indeed vermin!


Most people don’t wear the same clothes all year round. Often people have what can be called summer clothes and winter clothes, which mean that half of our clothes, just get in the way for the other half of the year. Most people don’t consider placing clothes in self-storage but with clean and dry self-storage you can free-up your wardrobe space. Fort Locks Self Storage has wardrobe boxes for easily transporting and storing clothes while they are in your Storage Unit.

Files and Folders

Once the children have left education, most teenagers refuse to throw out the work that matters most to them. Consider placing old college work in self-storage, you will clear your cupboards for more important items that are needed on a daily basis.

De-clutter before decorating or a house move

If you’re decorating your home or even moving house, you can place items of furniture in self-storage, this will keep it safe and free from any paint splashes. If your children are getting ready to leave home you may also want to store some furniture to keep for them to have.

Self-storage is a cheap and stress free alternative to selling or throwing out your belongings, it also solves space dilemmas for the growing family.

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