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Making the Most of your Self Storage Unit in Banbury

Perhaps you are moving house or emigrating? You could want to free up some more space in your home or office, or you could be planning a sale of some of the items you’ve accumulated over the years. Maybe you need somewhere to store important documents or office equipment, or you own a store and need somewhere to keep surplus or seasonal stock.


Whatever your reasons, if you need more space, then a self-storage unit could be the answer to all your problems. However, so many people get it wrong when filling their self-storage unit and don’t make the most of the space they have.


If that sounds like you, then follow these handy hints and tips to make sure that you make the most of your self-storage unit:

  • Make sure everything you store is in boxes. Don’t leave any loose items and tape your boxes securely both top and bottom.
  • Label or number all your boxes and keep an inventory so you know exactly what’s inside each one.
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in your boxes, this could cause them to tip when they’re being stored. Fill any gaps with bubble wrap or polystyrene.
  • Wrap any fragile items like glass or crockery individually in bubble wrap.
  • If you have clothes to store, you can buy wardrobe boxes where you can hang them, helping them keep their shape.
  • If you have heavy items to pack, don’t overload your boxes or they’ll be too heavy to lift. Pack the bottom with heavier items and the top with lighter items.
  • If you’re storing fridges, freezers or washing machines make sure to drain them first and store them with the door open.
  • Any bikes or garden equipment should be cleaned and treated with WD40 before you place them into storage.
  • If you’re storing anything that takes batteries, make sure you remove them.
  • Remove the legs from tables, wrap the table top in blankets and stand it on end. Then wrap the legs in bubble wrap.
  • If you have large furniture like beds to store, make sure you disassemble them first. They’re less likely to be damaged and will take up less space in your storage facility.
  • If you’re storing furniture with drawers, you can use the drawers to pack other items.
So whatever your self-storage needs, follow these simple tips to ensure you make the most out of your storage facility. Oh, and remember to choose a drive up facility – so much easier than lugging your stuff along corridors and up and down stairs to the other side of a building!

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