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Removal Companies: Where Would We Be Without Them?

There are lots of reasons why our customers need to use our services here at Fort Locks Self Storage. Whether it be businesses storing archive documents and excess stock or private customers storing out of season clothing or simply de-cluttering, our 24/7, drive up access is ideal for everyone.


However, one of the most common reasons that customers come to us is because they are moving house and find themselves in need of some extra storage space as they do so which means it should come as no surprise that we see a lot of removal companies coming and going throughout a typical week.


Removal companies, where would we be without them? Well, back in our old houses probably, but the point remains they do a fantastic job! In fact, so much so that I thought I’d dedicate this latest news update to them and the wonderful work they do.

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They’ll be there on the day to actually move your belongings that goes without saying, but they also provide a whole range of extras including a professional packing service and even a “Moving House” check list so you can make sure everyone from the phone company to the milkman knows where you are! And of course should you need to arrange clean, dry and secure storage all the best companies recommend Fort Locks Self Storage!


So next time you need to use a removal company before you sign on the dotted line don’t forget to ask them what other services they offer AND make sure they use Fort Locks Self Storage. It’s always a smart move!

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