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Paint it Purple

It’s no longer a secret. The colour of the year 2018 is a gorgeous, deep, vibrant purple called Ultra Violet. It’s a wonderful accent colour, rich and luxurious, and it will undoubtedly spawn a trend of purple designs, decors and accessories in all of the myriad of shades that purple is capable of.

Purple is a great colour to use in your home. It’s a mix of red and blue, so can bring warm and welcoming or cool and calm tones to every room that needs a change of mood. Pale lilac and amethyst grey make for a most Zen vibe and are a great bedroom colour. Teamed with a deep purple bedspread, purple curtains, or big accent cushions you can build yourself a place to hide from the world.

Purple – this time in its ultra violet or royal purple incarnation, can turn a simple bathroom into a space to spend time and luxuriate. It forms a great foil for white sanitary ware and only needs a few gold or vintage brass accessories to make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time for a much-needed treat.

Dining rooms don’t need to feel neglected. A deep purple accent wall – making use of the either the deep blue or the deeper red purples – will warm and lift the space immediately. And all of the deep purples play well with modern dining room furniture, whether you prefer solid wood or painted finishes.

Which leaves… the hallway. One of the trickiest spaces in your home to decorate, even your hallway will bring a smile to your face if you give it a makeover with this year’s hottest colour. Paint the far wall in a long, narrow hallway a deep purple to make the space seem squarer. Use a reddish purple to give a warm, welcoming feel, or add just a hint of pale purple to your walls to brighten and lighten a small, dark hallway.

Purple with its myriad of shades is a true Jack-of-all-trades. And a legal mood-altering colour to boot.

If all this has made you reach for your paintbrush, only to make you stop and wonder where to store all your belongings while you give your home a new look, then fear not. We have storage units to fit whatever you want to bring us, and we’ll store it for as short or as long a time as you need us to.

Please call and ask us for a quote, or stop by and let us show you around.

There’s really no reason to let anything stand in the way of your home’s next makeover.

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