Packing & Storing Tips

If you follow these handy hints and tips you’ll be sure to make the most of your self-storage unit.


Top Packing tips

Pack everything in boxes – Do not have loose items. Tape the boxes along the bottom and bottom edges to make them more secure.
Label or number your boxes – keeping an inventory of your items for easy reference.
Boxes should be filled to capacity to avoid them tipping or collapsing – use the bubble wrap to fill gaps. Use smaller boxes for heavy items so that they are easy to lift Make sure that no sharp edges stick out.
Individually wrap crockery, glasses and fragile items in bubble wrap before packing.
Wrap pictures and mirrors individually in bubble wrap. Mark them as fragile and stack them on end.
Pack books flat and do not overload the boxes. Pack the top of the box with lighter items.
Drain freezers, washing machines and refrigerators prior to storage. Make sure you store these items with the door wedged open. Empty your vacuum cleaner. Check all appliances to secure unattached parts e.g. glass turntable in microwave.
Bicycles and Garden equipment should be cleaned – wipe metal surfaces with WD40 or similar and drain petrol and diesel from machinery before storing. Take batteries out of lights.
Remove legs from tables, wrap the top in blankets and stand on end, wrapping the legs in paper or bubble wrap. Or lay them on blankets top down with legs pointing up.
Disassemble beds. Stack chairs seat to seat. Pack things in drawers.

Top Storage Tips:

Lay dustsheets on the floor of the unit for protection of your goods and soft furnishings.
Put bulky or heavy items in first; stand sofas and mattresses on end, leaving an air gap between items and do not stack or lean anything against walls.
Maximise available space by stacking similar sized boxes together, items that you will need frequently should be stored close to the door for easy access.
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