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Moving Home and Self Storage – keeping your Expenses Down with Fort Locks Self Storage in Banbury, Oxfordshire

When the term ‘moving house’ comes to mind the words ‘expensive’ and ‘hectic’ tend to follow. Estate agent fees, surveyors’ fees, mortgage arrangements and many other services make moving house an expensive venture. Additionally nationwide removal companies and packing services can add up to a small fortune.

Self-Storage is an incredibly valuable service in the midst of all this. It enables you to prepare for the move in advance and despite the rising costs of moving home, you can be sure to find a storage unit at Fort Locks which is superb value.

When you’re moving, one way you can save money when moving is by reusing cardboard boxes. So it is worthwhile investing in a few sturdy storage boxes rather than using poor quality boxes which may be weak and fragile and which damage after one use.

Fort Locks Strong Cardboard Box

Quality Boxes from Fort Locks Self Storage

Ask close friends with vans or trucks to come and help out for the day. Or ask them if they know anyone with a van you could borrow, you are bound to save a little money this way. With the help of friends and family you will get the job done of moving much quicker, cheaper and with a little less hassle. If you choose a storage facility with Drive Up Access, it makes it much easier to load and offload as there is no double handing when you are storing your belongings.

Drive up to your Storage Unit

Drive Right up to your Storage Unit

Self-storage is great for items that are not needed in your new home right away, such as fitness equipment, spare bedroom furniture and tools. All of your items will be stored in a secure unit that only you will have access to. And be sure to get a storage unit which allows 24 hour access so you can always get to your stuff while it is in storage. While some companies charge you every time you want to access your stuff, or are only open during office hours, at Fort Locks Self Storage you can have access 24/7, free of charge.

Self-storage is a great facility when you are moving home, but it is also very useful for storing business equipment too. If you run a business from home where you have to keep a large amount of stock, don’t leave it scattered around your home where it is cluttering up the house and may get damaged. Keep it safe in secure self-storage. Shelving racks are available to hire which will enable you to keep your storage facility organised.

Before the big move search for self-storage Banbury and removals Banbury for affordable storage and removal services in Banbury.  


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