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If These Walls Could Talk – The Secrets of a Storage Unit

At Fort Locks Self Storage,  quite often we’re asked:  “What do people store in their units?”

It stands to reason that many storage units are used to store household items such as furniture or by businesses to hold excess stock or essential archives , but as long as the goods stored adhere to our terms and conditions it’s really up to the customer what they keep here.

So who knows what’s inside? Well, each customer has total privacy, and of course that’s an important aspect of  security.

But every now and then, we’re let into the innermost secrets of self storage and it couldn’t be more surprising! Imagine that the contents of a self storage unit is cursed pirate treasure, or a portal to the magical world of Narnia,  or even a few thousand spare prosthetic limbs! All three of those suggestions might sound ludicrous, but as a report on BBC One’s One Show (scroll forward to 19:10) explained on Tuesday that is not quite as incredible as you might think.

Limbcare, a national charity based in Sandhurst take in donations of prosthetic limbs that are no longer needed and pass them on to third world countries where they are desperately needed. They have collected so many they’ve lost count, but they knew that when it comes to needing flexible storage space a self storage unit really was the way to go.

The BBC gives an insight into the usefulness of Self Storage. We trust we’re doing our bit to service Banbury with what is evidently an essential and very useful service. (We are happy to have made a donation to Limbcare after learning about their valuable work.)

We’ll add to this post as the BBC reveals more about self storage over the next couple of days! Watch this space!


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