Fort Locks Self Storage is committed to your Health and Safety on our premises. Please take time to read our guidelines below. If you are not sure about anything, please ask us.


1.Please ensure the main gate is secured by the drop bolt when open. If you are using the site after hours, please shut and padlock the gate behind you to ensure no-one without a key can enter the site.


2. Don’t strain yourself when opening the door of your storage unit. All storage units should open/close reasonably easily using the leverage of the levers one after the other.

3. Keep your head clear of the security lock box on the door of the storage unit when the door is being opened or closed.


4. We recommend that the stairs are moved by two people.

5. Please do not move the stairs without first checking that they are not already in use by another customer. Check there is no-one in the way before starting to push them.

6. Always push the stairs and NEVER pull them towards you. Before moving the stairs, check that the brakes and stabilisers are in the ‘up’ position

7. Do not stand, or allow anyone else to stand between the stairs and any storage units when you are moving the stairs. Do not stand within the frame of the stairs to push the stairs.

8. Do not ride on the stairs when moving them or to allow anyone else to ride on them when they are moving

9. Ensure that the brakes and stabilisers are engaged before accessing your storage unit

10. Do not allow children (under the age of 16 years) to use the stairs at any time

11. Please wear sensible shoes when using the mobile stairs. (Sensible shoes will have flat, non-slip soles.) Do not under any circumstances wear high heels on the stairs.

12. When the stairs are in place ensure that the guard panels are placed securely on the ‘open’ side so that top platform is completely enclosed providing access to your unit only.

13. Do not place or leave objects on the stairs or top platform which may be a trip hazard to anyone using the stairs when accessing your storage unit or which could fall (especially when the stairs are being moved!)

14. Please contact a member of staff if in doubt about the safe use of the stairs either by you or other users


15. Please contact a member of staff if you would like guidance provided to you or others on the safe use of the storage unit, the mobile stairs or any part of the site.

16. It is your responsibility to ensure that anyone, to whom you have given authority to access your storage unit, understands these guidelines on the use of the storage unit and the site.

Download Our Health & Safety Guidelines