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Get Your Own Self Storage Unit – It’s So Simple.

Signing up is easy

For peace of mind, you can reserve a storage unit up to two weeks before you need the storage space.

So why not take the plunge and book now to be sure of getting the storage unit you want when you want it. Remember, we give you great offers on most of our storage units ! (subject to availability and terms – please ask us for our current price list)

Use our no obligation  Online Reservation Form to kick things off (this will just  let us know you want to reserve, and we’ll be in touch with you) or call us on 01295 277 477

Checking in – the things you’ll need

When you visit us to rent a storage unit, please remember to bring with you:-

  • Photo ID – One piece of ID with your photograph on it e.g. your passport or photo driving licence.
  • Proof of Address – One piece of ID with confirmation of your address e.g. bank statement or utility bill less than three months old.
  • Future Address – Your future contact address if it differs from that on your ID.
  • Emergency Contact – The name, address and telephone number of an alternative contact in the case of an emergency. (These details must be different from the details given above).
  • Valuation – You will need to declare the full new replacement value of the goods in the storage unit.
  • Bank card details

We’ll look after everything to make sure that your rental is  as smooth and as quick as possible.