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Fort Locks Self Storage gets a smart ‘new’ office!

The great and mighty workforce which runs Fort Locks Self Storage (all five of us, but never more than 2 at a time as the office is just too cosy!)  has for too many years worked in a cramped and scruffy office – it would be fair to say that our customers’ goods get much better treatment than we do. But as of last week, all that has changed.  We have had our little office refurbished, not only to make it smarter, but to make much better use of the space as well. Most importantly we now have a ‘customer reception area’ – well perhaps that’s a bit grand. But where customers would previously have to stand with one foot in the office and one foot on the front step ;-), and face up to a pretty intimidating ‘trade counter’, from behind which we would peer over to see if we could assist, we now have a smart desk and comfortable chairs for customers to sit in, while we give them a nice cup of tea or coffee as we explain how ’24/7 Drive Up Self Storage works. The final trimmings – new blinds, and one or two other bits – are still to come, but we are looking forward to giving our customers 5-star self storage service from now on!  So we’re looking forward to seeing you soon at Fort Locks – even if it’s only for that tea or coffee!

Fort Locks Self Storage, Banbury - New Office

A much smarter look for Fort Locks


Fort Locks Self Storage, Banbury - New Office

Dark Wood effect desk and floors


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