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Fort Locks offers Specialist Self Storage Insurance

At Fort Locks Self Storage, our Storage Units are clean, dry and secure. But as a professional self storage business, we have to address the need for insurance for our customers as this is a key part of our service.

Customers’ goods must be insured whilst in storage and you can choose whether to use your own insurance or be added to the Fort Lock Self Storage policy for a small additional fee. Cover is provided £1000 of goods covered, so you can insure just up to the level you need – and the more cover you require the cheaper the premium.

Basil Fry Self Storage InsuranceWe work with Basil Fry & Co, a specialist broker in the field of Self Storage insurance and they have secured outstanding bespoke insurance cover provided by RSA.

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As a result, we’re able to offer a top class self storage insurance product to our customers.

Customers’ goods protection whilst in storage is provided on a “new for old” basis and our Summary of Cover explains clearly what is included and what is not included.

Equally, Fort Locks itself is covered for Public and Product Liability of £2,000,000 each to ensure that, in the unlikely event the business is found liable, we (and by association, our customers and suppliers) are protected.

With Basil Fry having secured specialist cover through one of the oldest and most trusted names in Insurance, we and our customers enjoy significant comfort and peace of mind. Happily, we have never yet had to make a claim and long may that last!

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