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Extra storage for Christmas stock…and dare we mention the dreaded ‘B’ Word?

At the moment we have some fantastic deals on storage which could well be just the thing if you are a local Banbury business and need some temporary storage between now and Christmas…or even, if you have had to order additional stock to safeguard against shortages in the aftermath of Brexit (there, I said it!). For many retailers, for example, Christmas can account for a large part of their annual turnover and to be sure of not running out of stock, order double or triple quantities….but then run into to the problem of where to put it.

Fort Locks Self Storage is a handy ‘depot’, close to Banbury town centre, with flexible storage terms  – minimum- storage period is only 7 days – and, depending on availability, most storage units come with a generous move-in offer. Typically you will pay for the first 4 weeks storage but then receive up to 6 weeks free storage, or in another deal currently being advertised, you can pay for 3 months and get 3 months free storage – in effect, 6 months at half price! You will only ever pay for the days storage you actually use, so you are not tied into a long term contract, and if you decide to move out before the end of the initial period, you get a refund for unused storage which you have paid for. We’ve  also heard a lot about businesses needing additional space for stockpiling ahead of Brexit day – well we can of course help with that too!



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