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Economies of Scale

For many businesses, bulk buying is a cost-effective way to obtain supplies, but then we’re faced with storing a large quantity of stock. Ordering in volume can bring significant savings, whether it is resale product or internal supplies. Stationery, printer paper, toilet rolls and paper towels, packing materials, bottled water, and even marketing materials like flyers, catalogues and posters are all much cheaper when bought in bulk… but they all take up valuable space in offices and shops. Space that could be more profitably employed to house a new employee or perhaps free up a meeting room.

So, what are we to do, caught between economies of space and economies of scale?

At Fort Locks, we have one word for you: Storage. Or, to be precise, two: self storage. Or even four: Making space for you. Which, as our company strapline, pretty much wraps it up.

We’ve been helping business owners make the most of economies of scale by offering flexibility when it comes to space.

Our storage units don’t just hold furniture for people who are in the process of moving. We can store anything from your fantastic Christmas ornaments that take up a corner of your office for the rest of the year, to reams of paper and boxes of envelopes. We store catalogues and flyers, exhibition stands and banners, even napkins, paper towels, and toilet rolls! Anything you can bring in a van and place in a storage unit, really.

And with 24/7 drive-up access and a location in the centre of Banbury, you’re only a step away from that box of envelopes, string of fairy lights, or exhibition banner.

We offer storage units in a variety of sizes, and we’re equally flexible when it comes to rental periods. You choose how much storage you need and you choose how long you need it for, as little as 7 days or for as long as you want. And with discounts for longer-term rentals, we offer economies of scale as well!

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