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Dry As A Bone

Fort Locks Self Storage, like many other successful storage businesses around the UK, operates storage units which are adapted from ocean going containers.

Sometimes we’re asked if they’re waterproof – the answer is a resounding ‘Yes they are’. But some are just a little unbelieving or even surprised, so here’s the full answer – in the hope of reassuring even the most skeptical doubters – or even if you’re just secretly a little worried…


Waterproof with a big W

Our storage units are manufactured to top industry specifications for a long and testing life in service, normally shipping cargo around the world. They are made to resist water ingress with durable rubber seals on the double doors. They’re fitted with vents on the top of each side panel to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation. Doors, sides and roofs are made of rust resistance corten steel to ensure maximum durability.

Approved for Transport Under Customs Seal

M&S, Sony and probably every blue chip brand name you can think of trusts their goods to storage units like ours for the 5000 mile journey from China to the UK! If you can ship electrical items and teddy bears in them, that’s surely QED?


Tested and passed to International standards

Well, it doesn’t stop there. The units are built to the highest international specifications for marine use. To prove it, they are inspected and certified by either Lloyds Register (LR) or Bureau Veritas (BV) who are the two main certification and inspection bodies for ensuring that containers are built to exacting specifications and are totally sea worthy. Finally they are CSC plated which means that the container complies with the rules set out in the International Convention for Safe Containers.

We are totally confident of our storage units and indeed have never had a problem with any storage unit in 7 years of trading – during which time, as we all know in Banbury, floods have come and gone. But we have remained DRY DRY DRY, not wet , wet, wet !

(Sometimes we wonder why we pay for £5m liability insurance – it seems like we’re never going to use it! But that’s the last resort – and it’s important you know that we’re insured for every eventuality.)


Clean, Dry and Secure

As mentioned above, each container comes with ventilators fitted in each side and at the front to ensure adequate ventilation. The floors are made of treated marine ply and subsequently painted by us using heavy duty floor paint to ensure clean, hard wearing floors. We also further adapt the containers to include ventilation at the front and install inch thick polystyrene ceilings to insulate the unit so that’s its 100% ready to store your belongings.

Each unit has locking bars made of galvanised steel with lockable handles and we then go the extra mile by fitting a lock box to protect the padlock for added security.


General Specification

Cubic capacity: 33.10cu m / 1,170cu ft
Max Gross weight: 30480kgs / 67208lbs
Tare Weight: 2230kgs / 4917lbs
Structure: Corten steel doors, sides, frame and understructure, with marine ply flooring, industrial rubber seal
Certification: Lloyds register or BV certified to ISO standard and CSC plate
Vents: Normally a minimum of 4 vents on each side and one at the front
Internal Insulation: Polystyrene ceilings

And after all that, if you you’re still just slightly worried, well, come in and have a look for yourself – we welcome the most rigorous inspections from the most important people – our customers!


Five star hotel versus real life

Of course, whilst your belongings will appreciate staying a five star hotel, just remember it’s you that has to carry them there! One removal company recently told us that to store in ‘warehouse’ self storage, meant they had to ‘double handle’ all their customers’ belongings with the result that ‘a mover could add up to 90mins loading time if the customer is allocated at the other side of the building’.

Ugh! much easier just to drive up to your storage unit.

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