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Decluttering – the Sensible Way

Householder-storage - decluttering can help to improve your lifestyle  – Marie Kondo is causing quite a stir. Fort Locks Self Storage wholeheartedly agrees with de-cluttering and a clean, tidy living environment. And of course, we’re delighted that Charities are benefitting in the big January clear out! We’re not purists though and feel that Marie Kondo is a bit obsessive about clearing out. Be careful that you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater – there are things you should keep – remember, if you chuck stuff out or give it to charity, you can never get it back again. Many people use self-storage to help them de-clutter at home or give themselves extra space to sort their things. To help you de-clutter in a useful, moderate way, we cover the three main categories of ‘stuff’ here

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