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Bertie the Blimp on Banbury Sound 107.6

Here at Fortlocks Self Storage we want to shout about our great storage service – not only are our units clean, safe and secure with 24/7 drive-up access, but our prices are tough to beat as well. As loud as our voices are, we decided it would be more effective (and would use fewer Strepsils) if we spread the word on local radio. If you’re a regular listener of Banbury Sound 107.6, you may already have heard our advertisement, if not, tune in and have a listen. 

So far so good, but there has also been an unexpected side effect: Bertie, our blimp, gets a name check in the advert and it seems that this new found stardom is going to his head! Not only has he taken to wearing dark glasses to avoid being spotted by the paparazzi, he’s also been practising writing his autograph and has taken up yoga.

Follow the Blimp!

Fort Locks Self Storage Banbury Bertie The Blimp

Name-checked on Banbury Sound 107.6

He’s also just supplied us with his “Rider” list and requires a dozen bottles of room temperature mineral water, a bowl of M&M’s (with the green ones removed), and access to a Playstation 3 daily. Oh, and a little top up of fresh Helium everyday.

Quite demanding for someone who will only come out on fairweather days! Of course, the one thing we can supply him with is plenty of space, but that’s something we offer to everyone, not just the rich and famous. 

Bertie The Blimp at Fort Locks Self Storage in Banbury

‘Overinflated ego? Moi?’

So next time you’re out and about around Banbury and you see Bertie The Blimp flying high give him a wave, or better still, pop in and say “Hi”. I guess it’s tough to stay grounded with an overinflated ego!

(You can also hear our  Fort Locks Business Storage  radio ad and our Fort Locks Household Storage radio ad here.)

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