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It’s been a while, but some of you might have noticed that Bertie, the Fort Locks Self Storage Blimp – normally seen flying high over Banbury – hasn’t been on show for the last couple of months. Well, you’ll be thrilled to know (no, I know you really will be!) that Bertie the Blimp is back from hospital, with tail-end fin restored, thanks to our friends at ABC Inflatables!! He’s ready to go flying… if only the weather would improve… and letting people know that Fort Locks Self Storage is, as always, open for business and looking forward to welcoming all our customers and new ones alike – why not drop by for a cup of coffee the next time you spot Bertie flying?

We also found this charming letter/drawing of ‘Bertie’ by a certain young lady in some archive files we had stored (such is the value of self storage!)….if you know Sara, please ask her (or her parents) to contact us…..

Banbury Oxfordshire Fort Locks Self-Storage

Fort Locks’ Bertie the Blimp – as remembered by one of our littler customers

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