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Banbury Storage Web Site gets Super New Improvements!

Okay, well that might be a bit OTT, but we’re always pleased to be able to add a little extra. Reserve storage unit at Fort Locks Self Storage BanburyFirst of all we have a great new roll-over Reserve button on many of the pages through the site – so you can book your storage unit with just one click. There’s no obligation to store, but we’ll send you details and  we can then reserve a storage unit for up to two weeks in advance of your start date.

There’s also an interesting little widget called ‘WP- Cumulus’ which reveals Tags in a 3-d floating cloud…we’ve popped it in at the bottom right of some of our pages. Just a bit of fun really – roll your mouse over it – the tags are linked to articles about storage so if you roll over the link becomes larger and then click – it will take you to the relevant article. Right now I’m so excited, I have tagged everything so you get to see all our articles! Credits and plaudits to RedWorks – the ever helpful Mark Turner…he has the inside track on all things web, well worth talking to!

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